Serena had dreamed of opening her own clothing store ever since she was a young girl. That dream became reality in 1975 when she and her husband opened the first Serena store on West Pender in downtown Vancouver, B.C. With a keen sense of style and a strong belief in the transformative power of fashion, Serena had visions of creating a brand which inspired confidence and self-expression.


                                   "I love seeing how confident and glamourous women feel when they put something beautiful on; it brings out their own inner beauty and I believe that is what fashion should do." 

The brand quickly became the go-to place for modern women to find a curation of uniquely styled quality fashion combined with exceptional customer service. This successful formula soon led to numerous store openings under the Serena brand across B.C. and Western Canada.

It was then that Serena recognized her customers wanted more: there was a desire for even more sophisticated, beautifully crafted and unique designer collections. With the aim of filling this niche market, the vision of Bellissima was born: Bellissima, meaning very beautiful, would curate the most beautiful quality collections from local and international designers. With a renewed commitment to deliver what her customers wanted, Serena opened the first Bellissima in September 1986 in B.C.'s largest mall, Metrotown. Over the years, the Bellissima brand has become synoymous with impeccable, sophisticated and timeless style be it for everyday or for special occasions.

With her family by her side, Serena hopes to continue the legacy of the Bellissima brand by delivering fashion that inspires self-expression and encourages women to Be Bold. Be You. Be Seen.



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